My Take on the 2022 Midterm Election (You’re Not Gonna Like It) – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

I’m seeing some people say that believing the game is rigged is just coping.

I’ll tell you what’s really coping: believing that Biden is legitimately the most popular American politician to exist, that his party of geriatrics and incompetents are as popular as to defy every American electoral pattern, and that they can all keep their hold on power despite mismanaging everything at historical records of incompetency.

No sane person will look at the two possibilities here and conclude that it’s all just coping. I’m not buying it, and you shouldn’t either.

The good news: the GOP is fucked. If they can’t score a major win under Joe then they will never be a major party again.

The bad news: we the sheeple are fucked.

On a more serious note:

1.The rigger narrative doesn’t have anything backing it up, I thought the 2020 election was stolen but the kinds of egregious anomalies we saw then don’t seem to have occurred this time. Some funny business went down in Arizona with all the voter machines not working and so on but that is just one state.

Also what even is the point of rigging this election?

The establishment clearly felt that deposing Trump was a massive priority, I don’t see that same energy behind the agenda to stop Kevin McCarthy becoming speaker of the house.

  1. The Red Wave should have occurred but it didn’t, this in my opinion is primarily due to the GOP running a weak and boring campaign. The message I was getting from the GOP was literally “vote for us because the economy sucks and Brandon is a senile retard” – this isn’t exciting or interesting.

The type of boomers to be screeching at Biden because the economy sucks are Fox News watchers who will be out voting GOP no matter what, this message does not move people who otherwise wouldn’t be voting.

also it isn’t exactly clear why voting in Republicans would meaningfully alter the state of the economy, there is no obvious policy which the GOP supports and the Dems oppose which would solve inflation or whatever.

It was a safe campaign from a party which didn’t back itself to run on actual conservatism, which is supposed to be the reason it exists in the first place. The campaign basically ignored the key issues of fighting immigration, the anti-white agenda and the LGBT agenda – and it did nowhere near enough to focus attention on crime/law and order.

These are the issues that actually move people to identify with the Right, if they’re too afraid to actually defend the conservative position on these issues then why would anyone who isn’t already sucked into the political team sports media spectacle give a shit?

  1. The Dobbs decision likely cost the GOP with the unmarried female demographic to an extent, but I don’t think they were getting a whole heap of their votes in any event. Blaming this loss on the abortion issue I don’t think makes much sense because it’s not as though the GOP hasn’t been consistently perceived as the pro-life party since forever anyway.

And besides, the GOP base is pro-life and so it has no choice but to be pro-life. And most pro-choice people are liberals who wouldn’t have voted GOP regardless. Ultimately the only winnable demographic are people who have pro-choice views but also have conservative views on other social issues, and you aren’t winning them over with boring rhetoric that voting GOP in a midterm will magically solve inflation and let’s go brandonisms.

  1. None of the contard media talking heads are making these points from what I’ve seen so far, instead their big debate is over whether this means that Trump or DeSantis is the more electable man in 2024.

It’s like all these people care about is winning elections for the sake of it rather than because they actually want to pursue a conservative policy agenda.

This is why the GOP is incredibly uninspiring and gay, it’s not trying to win elections to save America from the disasters of left-wing social engineering, it’s just red team trying to beat blue team because its red team.

The GOP has forgotten why it’s trying to win and naturally so have the voters.

I do think that “Leftists are insane” is a good argument for the Right, but one of the main reasons that Leftists are insane is because they are trying to turn America into a Third World shithole and ethnically cleanse the founding population via mass migration.

Nobody will give a damn about trannies and abortion when the entire country has been transformed into a South Africa tier racial warzone, with rampant gang crime and murder rates through the roof, where Whites are a tiny oppressed minority.

They’ll be thinking: “Am I going to get my brains blown out by a feral thug at the grocery store today? Is my daughter going to get kidnapped and raped on the way to school today? Are the steel bars on my windows enough to stop home invasions or do I need to buy a security door too?”

People don’t want to hear it, but that’s how things are going to be. Not just in America but all over the West.

That’s the number one problem in Western politics today but mainstream politicians still refuse to talk about it, even after Trump proved in 2016.

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