Does Phentermine affect birth control pills?

It is now estimated that more than 20% of population in the USA are obese. We are not talking about overweight people here (the percentage is much bigger), but about obese people with body mass index greater than 30 kg/m². Obese people are more likely to suffer from a number of medical conditions, some of which may lead to further medical complications that may even be fatal. And even if the obesity doesn’t lead to any further complications, it still affects the quality of life in a detrimental way and can also have serious psychological implications. It is therefore no wonder that people are always looking for aid in their weight loss regimens and Phentermine may be just the help they are looking for. Continue reading “Does Phentermine affect birth control pills?”

Should I talk to my doctor about taking Phentermine?

Many people think that obesity is just a question of self-image and that the psychological implications are the only ones when obesity becomes a problem. The truth is much more serious, in fact. People who are obese are at much more danger of developing type 2 diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, as well as high blood pressure, which are serious conditions. Besides reducing the quality of life and the life expectancy, these conditions may also lead to further developments and complications, some of which can be very serious, and even life-threatening. This is the main reason why weight loss programs are so important and why there is need for medications that can help those weight loss programs. One of these medications, and one of the best in this field is Phentermine. Continue reading “Should I talk to my doctor about taking Phentermine?”

Is Phentermine more efficient than herbal supplements for losing weight?

The shortest possible to answer to this question would be yes, Phentermine is more efficient than herbal supplements for losing weight. There is no doubt about this, this is the simple fact. However, the question why these herbal supplements get so much attention and why they are that well sold is a bit more complicated to answer.One of the main reasons for this is this modern view of everything that is natural being better than anything modern science can come up with. It all started sometime in the ‘90s and it has been on the rise ever since. Continue reading “Is Phentermine more efficient than herbal supplements for losing weight?”