Truth About Male Enhancement Pills and Pumps

Male Enhancement PillsWhen it comes to male enhancement plans and techniques, many involve so called penis pumps or pills. If you were to read websites that sell either of these products, you are going to get one side of the story. Unfortunately, this is likely to be a very one-sided story that includes a fact or two but doesn’t give you the truth about penis pumps or pills. – Best Male Enhancement Pills That Work Review
However, we are here to give you the straight facts about both of these techniques to enlarge the size of your penis. If you are considering either of them, it is worth a few minutes of your time to keep reading before you make up your mind and get out your credit card. Ready to learn the truth about male enhancement pills and pumps? Keep reading!

Male Enhancement Pills and Pumps: Do They Work?

While some men may have seen a little growth – thickness or length – if you actually look at the research numbers, you are going to see claims of gaining an inch or more are not normal – at all. Read more about erection – Beyond the fact that male enhancement pills and pumps do not work to increase the overall size of the penis, there are other things to consider. For example, all of the risks that come with using pumps or pills to try to increase your size.

Penis Pumps and Male Enhancement Pills: Risks Involved

Beyond the fact that both of these techniques are very likely to NOT show results – at least not the results advertised – there are many serious risks that should concern you. For one, there is a chance that you can seriously damage your penis using a pump incorrectly. In extreme cases, you may do permanent damage to your penis, making it unusable for sexual activity. Even if you had a chance of making your penis larger – is the risk of losing it forever really worth it? As for male enhancement pills to enlarge the penis, there are many health risks that can appear. Hoodia Gordonii Vs Forskolin Extract

The Peculiar Penis Pump Problem

When it comes to claims of being able to make a penis larger, mass media in general doesn’t help the situation by perpetuating myths about all women liking a larger penis. With stereotypes of male virility being portrayed in advertising and entertainment, many men are drawn to penis pumps and male enhancement pills, trying to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist (
Of course, many people make money in the process, but the men who think they need a larger penis to be more successful are not among them. Usually, they end up out of a lot of money. In the worst case scenario, they may permanently damage their penis, never being able to use it again. If you are thinking about trying to increase the size of your penis with a pump or by taking pills, you need to seriously think about all the risks involved and if they are really worth adding an inch or less to the size of your penis. When you look at the big picture, there are many other things that are more important.

The Timeless Quest for a Bigger Penis

Perhaps since the very beginning of time, men have wondered about the size of their penis. From how it compared to others in their tribe to how it satisfied their women, it is quite common for a man to think quite a bit about his penis. As man has become more civilized over the years, the timeless quest for a bigger penis has only become more important to some people. While modern methods do exist to increase the size of the penis – including surgery – there are quite a few risks that come with any attempt at male enhancement.

History of Penis Enlargement

From rocks to other types of weight, men have been tying contraptions to their penis for centuries, hoping to increase the size. Working under the false notion that women enjoy the largest penis possible, men throughout time have tried various methods to increase their width and length. Over the last several hundred years, some advancements have been made, but the basic techniques for penis enlargement remain the same.

  • Stretching – From hanging rocks from a string tied to the penis to various ‘milking techniques’ that are supposed to increase the size of the penis, stretching has been and still is one of the more common ways men attempt to increase the size of their penis. It is also one of the more common ways that men cause serious, permanent damage to their penis.
  • Pumps – Closely related to stretching, but using a vacuum pump, these devices can cause serious harm to your penis when they are used incorrectly. While they may promise permanent growth of your penis, they usually fail to mention that penis pumps come with a huge risk of doing serious damage to your penis, possibly even making it unusable.
  • Pills – Modern medicine has made many advances over the years. Unfortunately for some men, a magic pill that will increase the girth and length of your penis is not one of them. This differs from the information you are going to get from some websites, but ask yourself if they are trying to sell you something or not.

The Future of Male Enhancement?

No one knows for certain what the future of male enhancement entails, but you can be sure that there are going to be people out there trying to make a quick buck off of the fact that most men think their penis is too small. However, as more men educate themselves about the truth of male enhancement, it is going to be more and more difficult for scams and fraudsters to exist on the Internet.
There are always going to be people trying to make a quick buck by preying on the weaknesses of others, but with education and enlightenment, men will have a fighting chance against getting ripped off or doing permanent damage to their penis. By continuing to read this website – and spreading the word about it – you will be doing your part to save countless men from making the male enhancement mistake.