About Us

Phentermineinformation.com focuses on medications treating a limited number of medical conditions. These medical conditions are generally easily diagnosable through a thorough review of the patient’s consultation form/medical history questionnaire. The medications we offer treat conditions such as impotence, male pattern baldness, obesity, arthritis, herpes, and we also offer medications to assist with improving skin tone and smoking cessation. We have limited ourselves to these medical situations due to the relative ease of diagnosis of these conditions through an extensive review of the patient’s online consultation form.

The extensive online questionnaire we developed will provide enough information for the physician to accurately diagnose and treat these conditions. If you’ve had a recent physical and are healthy another physical exam is not necessarily required to indicate that you can be helped by one of these medications. In fact, many physicians across the country are prescribing these medications and others after a review of the patient’s medical history, without performing a physical examination. The medical factors and the contraindicated medications which would keep a doctor from prescribing these medications can be revealed during a review of the patient’s consultation from/medical history questionnaire. There is no evidence to indicate that an in person review of this information is anymore effective, relevant or precise than an online consultation. For most patients, the Internet online consultation is a private, safe, convenient, discreet, and effective way to address medical concerns.

We have also noticed many patients prefer the privacy of an online consultation as opposed to going and waiting long periods of time in crowded waiting rooms. Often the use of an online consultation greatly eases the patient’s anxiety about discussing their medical condition, making the consultation a “less painful or embarrassing experience.” Of course, we are not suggesting the Internet could ever replace the importance of seeing your doctor regularly and in person and we encourage you to receive regular physical examinations.